UPI Magic Link Generator

Raising funds for something?
UPI Magic Links could be useful for your campaign!

Registering on popular fundraising platforms is one way to get shareable links, and payment gateways also exist, but the catch is that they take a cut that can range from 2% to 15%. Transferring funds directly to the beneficiaries to their bank accounts through UPI is one way to get around this. Sharing the UPI ID and QR code is fine, but the obvious step even in that is that the willing donors have to take up the initiative to open their UPI apps and key in the ID or scan the QR code.

What if you could share them a link directly which would prompt them to open their app with all the details keyed in? This reduces the friction a bit. You can share these links on socials too. If visiting from a browser that doesn't support opening the app, you'll still get the UPI ID and QR code that people can scan.

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